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Dear Friends,

Following is just one of 200+ letters that I wrote to 7500 employees of Larsen & Turbo Ltd’s, Mumbai factory, when I was General Manager (1979 – 1987). This open honest communication led to a remarkable improvement in industrial relations.

If you wish to download the entire set, just click here

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friends
The first salvo has been fired :




This list is not the “end” – the battle has only begun !

In the meantime I welcome suggestions from employees on

– Cost-reduction (without sacrificing desired quality ! – very important)
– Productivity improvement.

And I request Supervisors and Managers to encourage employees to come up to them and share their suggestions – so that the same are implemented even before they reach me ‘.

And I request managers to tell me what they have implemented successfully in their areas – so that I can give these wide publicity through my letters. May be others can do likewise.

“Therefore, with determination, get up and fight – 0 Arjun” (Gita).


P:S: In view of the Economy Drive, I am not sending individual copies. If you chance to read this on the Notice-Board, please tell others.


July 21, 1986


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Dear Visitor

Whether you are a jobseeker or an employer, you cannot opt out of Future !
And when future arrives, it does not care whether you are prepared or not. But it always helps to be prepared. Future cannot be predicted with certainty – But when it comes to,

Jobs and job search .
Resume and resume searches .
  You may wonder,
What will be the nature of online recruitment processes ?
What will be the structure of online jobsites / job portals ?
What technologies will e- recruitment employ ?
What roll will Service Network [ newspapers – TV channels – Internet service providers – Mobile telephone service providers – Radio stations etc.] play ?
Will software robots (agents ) enable elimination of job search ( by jobseeker ) and resume search ( by recruiters ) ?

 “The Shape Of Things To Come” could very well look like :


July 29, 2009 at 10:18 am Leave a comment Presents Recruitment Process flowchart

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

There is no doubt you have subscribed to many jobsites to:

  Post Jobs.
Search Resumes.

But ours is the only jobportal that enables you to store / hold resumes in a Resume Holder ( for later viewing at your convenience) – irrespective of whether ,

  You short listed those resumes yourself, during Resume Search.
The resumes arrived through jobseekers clicking “Apply Online” on your job Advt.

Then we simplify your life still further by enabling you to ,

  Transfer the resumes with high percentile score to an Interview Process.
Conduct interview  using Interactive Interview Tool ( IIT ) with built-in  15,000+ Interview Questions.
Fill-up online Candidate Assessment Form, while the Candidate is still sitting in front of you !
Click on candidate’s Interview History to find out if he was ever before interviewed by your organization, at anytime in the past !

Now this is as cool as you can get with your Recruitment Process !


July 29, 2009 at 10:11 am Leave a comment Presents Six Sigma Graph

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment Consultant :

When a jobseeker submits resume on this website, it automatically – and instantly – gets converted into several graphical profiles, which we like to call “THE RESUME ANALYTICS”. These graphs are generated by plotting,

“Raw Score” ( assigned to candidate’s resumes by our software ), on X- axis.
“% of Co-Professionals” ( getting the same score ), on Y- axis.

As the database grows, these graphs will tend to become the familiar bell – shaped curve, popularly known as the normal curve, where the mean, mode and median all coincide at X = M.

Sigma is the normal variant ( STANDARD DEVIATION ), from the mean and in a NORMAL CURVE,

1 Sigma = 68% of the population ( under the curve ).
2 Sigma = 95% of the population .
3 Sigma = 99% of the population .

Now, don’t expect to find a candidate with a score of >+3 Sigma. They are already working for IBM GoogleMicrosoft etc. and not looking for a job- change! If you do, simply grab. On the other hand, all those scoring higher than +2 Sigma, must be immediately called for an interview.

Having mastered the “Art of Interviewing”, it is about time, you rationalize your recruitment process by taking help from the “Science of Interviewing”.
Normal curve was the logic behind our logo. We love STATISTICS !


July 29, 2009 at 10:07 am Leave a comment presents Project Profile

Dear  HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

A jobseeker’s KarmaScope is full of skill-related keywords. It is one thing to have an academic familiarity with a given skill but an altogether different matter to have actually applied  / used that skill in a real life project of commercial value. A candidate is most unlikely to have used all the skills that he claim to have acquired. Therefore, you want to restrict your Interview Questions to only those skill areas which he has actually mastered during execution of projects.

And as far as Interview Questions are concerned, simply click on link “Key Skills Used” links in the project tabulation! After this demo, your job-advs ( on Monster / Naukri / Timesjob ) should read, “We do not accept text resumes. We only accept ” Profiles” !


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