WWW.indiarecruiter.net Presents Six Sigma Graph

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Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment Consultant :

When a jobseeker submits resume on this website, it automatically – and instantly – gets converted into several graphical profiles, which we like to call “THE RESUME ANALYTICS”. These graphs are generated by plotting,

“Raw Score” ( assigned to candidate’s resumes by our software ), on X- axis.
“% of Co-Professionals” ( getting the same score ), on Y- axis.

As the database grows, these graphs will tend to become the familiar bell – shaped curve, popularly known as the normal curve, where the mean, mode and median all coincide at X = M.

Sigma is the normal variant ( STANDARD DEVIATION ), from the mean and in a NORMAL CURVE,

1 Sigma = 68% of the population ( under the curve ).
2 Sigma = 95% of the population .
3 Sigma = 99% of the population .

Now, don’t expect to find a candidate with a score of >+3 Sigma. They are already working for IBM GoogleMicrosoft etc. and not looking for a job- change! If you do, simply grab. On the other hand, all those scoring higher than +2 Sigma, must be immediately called for an interview.

Having mastered the “Art of Interviewing”, it is about time, you rationalize your recruitment process by taking help from the “Science of Interviewing”.
Normal curve was the logic behind our logo. We love STATISTICS !



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