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Tenure1Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

One of your biggest headache is “Attrition / Employee Turnover”.
Employees seem to be resigning at a rate faster than the rate at which you are managing to hire ! And what is the rate at which they are leaving ?
The Tenure profile shown below , shows the “MEAN EMPLOYEE TENURE” at 3 years. That means , for the economy as a whole( I mean “Organized Sector” ), 33%of the employees resign each year !
Consider yourself lucky if you need to hire

20% for replacement . 

15% for growth / expansion of your business.

When you insist on Tenure Profile , instead of a plain text resumes , you get a much better feel , as to how long will this jobseeker / candidate stay with you.

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Dear HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :

You rarely come across a resume in which a jobseeker mentions his current salary / compensation.
But  current salary is an  important criteria , when you are wondering ,
“Shall we call this candidate for an interview ? ”

Especially so, when that candidate’s resume/profile is quite impressive in terms of his “Age-Education-Experience – Functional Exposure – Industry Background – Skills – Previous / Current Employers – Current Designation Level / Title – Job Profile” etc.
Even if the candidate’s resume seems impressive , you don’t want to call him for an interview , only to discover that his current salary is already 50% higher than what you were prepared to offer ! You cannot afford to upset the apple cart (of your existing , equally competent employees ) and trigger an exodus ! One more reason , why you should insist on “Salary Profile”!


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Dear  HR Manager / Headhunter / Recruitment  Consultant :
When you post a job advertisement (on any jobsite / job portal ), you type in a long list of keywords which you expect to find in your ideal candidate’s resume. These keywords signify that ideal jobseeker’s ” Knowledge – Skills – Expertise – Function – Role – Experience – Strengths -Talent – Integrity – Education – Competence – Attitude – Attribute – Understanding – Wisdom – Potential – Values – Abilities – Concepts – Philosophy – Learning ” etc. These run into thousands. You are unlikely to remember more than a few. Even less likely to recall  these (few) while reading a resume. Of course it is a different matter that ” Ideal candidates ” just don’t exist. (- and if they do, they are on lookout for ” Ideal Employer” ! ).
But our software not only remembers all of these thousands of keywords , it

 Searches / finds / highlights those keywords ( Function / Skill wise).
 Assigns each of those keywords , a dynamically changing “Weightage” based on its “Context – significance – relevance”.
 Computes that resume’s “Raw Score” and “Percentile Score” amongst co-professionals.
 Plots a “Frequency Distribution Graph”( separately for each  Function / Skill ) and displays the relative standing / rank of that candidate.
 Generate a “Function / Skill” profile.
 And how does this help you?
 No need for you to remember / recall / type-in those keywords , while “Posting job Advt” or conducting”Resume search”.
 No need to search those keywords in resumes (gets highlighted in red automatically).
 Enables you to quickly zero-in on the best candidates, saving you a lot of  precious time.
 You can compare the candidates and can quickly decide whom to call for interview.
 Enable you to make your recruitment / hiring decisions based on “Business Intelligence / Personnel Analytics / Statistics”.


July 29, 2009 at 6:10 am Leave a comment presents RH+

Dear HR Manager / Headhunter,
Here “Rh” stands for Resume Holder ( – Resource Human )
+ because everything about Resume Holder is positive.

The most positive aspect of Resume Holder is:
No more flooding of your mailbox with hundreds of “Apply Online” resumes. Resume holder traps each one of these, never letting any to reach your mailbox! No “Apply Online” resume can ever get past the Resume Holder! What a relief!
Not only that, all trapped resumes (irrespective of the source). get arranged in the descending order of “Percentile Score”, so that you need to open / read only the top 4/5, at your convenience.
This is how it works.


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